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Fourth Generation PA – My Admin Career Journey

I realised recently that my 25 year old daughter is a fourth generation PA.  Working in a London Estate Agents, she has followed a family admin tradition.

I am a third generation PA and my Mother, and my Nana were both secretaries.  One travelling to London on the train at 16 wearing her own home-made suits, and the other a secretary in Bentall’s, Kingston and after that at the same Surrey primary school I eventually went to.


I started out as an Office Junior for a Building Contractor in the beautiful city of Chichester, no doubt on a very small wage (I can never remember my wages back then).  My duties were making tea, filing, printing, and folding 1000s of plans on a smelly ammonia ridden machine in the ‘dead store’.  All the jobs nobody wanted to do, but I loved that job.  I worked in the Surveying department and fully engrossed myself into the banter and have loved the construction industry ever since.


Following that I have worked for a hand drier manufacturer, an Architect, Publisher, Chartered Surveyor, PR Consultant and an American CPA, amongst others.  All admin roles, and although I didn’t make my own suits, like Mum, I love my industry.

Thanks to Mum and Nana I have over 35 years’ experience in administration, secretarial, personal assistant, office manager and now virtual assistant roles. It has been an amazing journey and I have worked with, and still am working with, some fascinating people in many different sectors.

Now, as a Virtual Assistant with my own business, I feel extremely fortunate to be able to not only work from home and be my own boss, but

working remotely

I would absolutely love to hear your admin career journey.

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