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I am a Spreadsheet Geek

I really have never considered myself ‘geekie’ (for want of a better word), about anything, but I have finally given in and realised that there is every possibility I have plenty of geek in me.

I have been working with a new society so that the committee don’t need to worry about the admin and they can get on with their courses and support.  Apart from some other admin duties, my main task has been to manage their membership spreadsheet.

The society’s original spreadsheet was small and sporadically completed, so I relished the task and got stuck in.  Now, I know there are online membership management tools but we all know how good Excel is for this too, don’t we, and as a society with limited money, it was easy to stick to Excel.  That doesn't mean it couldn’t be modified, so queue my geekiness…

Now, all of this will probably come as somewhat of a surprise to my family and friends as I am not known for my mathematic prowess.

However, Excel satisfies my desire for neatness and order, so I have added many extra vital columns, tabs, forumulas, changed headings and colour coded the procedures.  Dates need to be added to most cells and if there is a blank at any time everyone will know that process still requires completion.

Everyone can see when someone is due to renew,  reminders, payment receipts and welcome letters are all  sent on time.  It is an ongoing task and there is plenty that can still be done, but greatly improved it is a totally satisfying, beautiful thing, so far.


The plus is that my client is really pleased with the transformation and finds it much more user friendly.  Ultimately, they are glad someone else is doing it.


What might seem like a tiresome, boring task to some, is extremely satisfying to me.  I love to see neatly laid out colourful rows with completed cells, but do twitch if anything is missed. Hence, my realisation that my geek persona has appeared.

What sort of geek are you?


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